It would appear that The Book of Living Magic has won the Best of Casual Gameplay 2011 award for Best Point-and-Click Adventure! Am I happy? Of course I’m happy, are you mad? Especially since these awards are based on the votes of actual players, not “industry experts” and such. Because the truth is that actual players don’t care about concepts of gameplay innovation and ludological theories: they care whether something amuses or touches or enlightens them. I was repeatedly told that The Book of Living Magic wasn’t something players would want, because it has walls of text and is therefore boring, because it’s too easy, because it’s not whatever is currently fashionable.

Alphaland took second place in the Interactive Art or Experimental category, and that too makes me very happy. This is another game that “experts” said would not appeal to anyone, and yet here we are. It doesn’t matter whether it won first place or not, it matters that people liked it, that that journey meant something to them.

Maybe we shouldn’t listen to experts so much.

I couldn’t have made Alphaland without Terry Cavanagh’s support, and I couldn’t have made it through 2011 without all of you. Here’s hoping 2012 will be twice and productive and half as frustrating.


  1. Michelle

    Good job! I voted… and I’d already played a lot of the games on those lists. There were some very impressive contenders. But The Book of Living Magic deserved it most, and Alphaland deserved the recognition too. You are right- first, second or third still shows that actual players really enjoyed the games. Though I would of course have liked to see Alphaland win..!

    Congratulations, Jonas, you really earned it.

  2. James Patton

    Oh wow! This is fantastic! I think you’re absolutely right – people will play a lot of things, and will always be touched by things the content middlemen never saw coming. Good job!

  3. A glorious victory for the forces of quality, beauty and artistic bravery!

    Congratulations Jonas, congratulations Verena on a much deserved (and much delayed) victory!

    Excellent news, just excellent.

  4. Wolfgang DelaSangre

    Congrats, Jonas! You really deserve this. Though I’m a bit surprised that Grey took first in the Experimental category, I’m not the least bit surprised that Living Magic took first in Point-and-Click. It’s a fantastic game and you earned your victory.

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