More Tales of Corporate Incompetence

You know that internet-on-a-stick thing we ordered? The one that we kept waiting for, that never arrived?

Well, it was never sent. Because the order wasn’t processed. You see, we ordered after nine in the evening on the last day of a special offer, and while this was perfectly legal, the team responsible for processing had already gone home, and on the next day failed to check whether any more orders had gone in. Brilliantly, however, the system autogenerated an order confirmation, making us think that everything was fine. And so we sat there, desperately hoping today would be the day…

I lack the words to express my feelings about this.

We may be getting an internet connection on Monday or Tuesday. Not a proper one, but it’s better than nothing. This situation has been very damaging for our work, pushing back release dates and turning things that should be simple (like uploading the image files for our children’s book) into huge problems.

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