Released: The Book of Living Magic

It’s taken much longer than I expected, but The Book of Living Magic is finally available, thanks to a sponsorship from Jay is Games. Jay is Games isn’t one of the giant portals, so I’m very grateful that they chose to give this game a home when very few others would.

Donations will be greatly appreciated (the difficulty of finding a sponsor has put me into a less-than-pleasant situation), as will any support in spreading the word – but above all I just want you to play this game. And take your time doing so; don’t rush it. Enjoy the journey.


  1. 🙂

    But remember it’s not Desert Bridge. It’s a different game. There are many similarities, but much about its structure and even gameplay is quite different. Don’t let expectations distract you – just enjoy the journey.

  2. Wolfgang DelaSangre

    That I did. I wasn’t expecting a flash game either, but I did enjoy that. My HDD is pathetically small, and I’m a little short on funds at the moment.

    The journey was amazing. I was a little sad at how short it was, but I’ve learned that some of the best stories don’t have to be epic novels or TV shows that last for years on end.

    So many jokes, so much silliness… normally, I’m with the eyeball that hates puns, but I can still smile at the ones I found. There were so many surprises packed into this little game, and so many lessons to be learned too.

    And then I went back to Desert Bridge and found one of Ms. Lock’s books. Little things like that make me happy.

  3. Beautiful, Jonas. Simply beautiful.

    There is one problem, and one problem only. It goes by too quickly.

    Also, loving the soundtrack. Helen did a wonderful job on this one. I especially like the song in the village, because it has an accordion in it, and accordions are awesome.

  4. Ezra

    I’d like it if you could add a back button to the intro. A misclick caused me to miss one page of the text. (Presumably I can see it again by restarting.)

  5. @wolfgang: Glad you liked it! And very glad you found that book. I’ve been waiting for people to be able to find that detail ever since I released Desert Bridge.

    @gnome: Thanks! Did you see that someone on JiG commented that it should be a picture book?

    @David: They are very friendly, aren’t they?

    @Evil Roda: The shortness is part of what makes it so bittersweet, I think. But you’ll get a full-length Lands of Dream game later this year. Commercial, granted, but also huge.

    @Ezra: Sorry about that. A back button wouldn’t really work thematically or with the visual design, but I understand that that sort of thing can be rather annoying. Apologies.

    @JJA: Ah, once again it is proven that revenge is always self-defeating. I want to see what they find inside that creature!

  6. Eric

    Thanks for this Jonas, enjoyed it very much and I can see that it was a labor of love. There’s a lot to enjoy here but also a hint of wistful sadness (reinforced by the excellent soundtrack), and I think the balance is just about right. The humor reminds me a lot of the work of Lori and Corey Cole (Quest for Glory, Dr. Brain); lots of bad puns and fun references. Glad to see you finally found a sponsor in JiG and hope you’ll be able to continue doing work like this.

  7. Bearfoot

    I had to come and thank you for the wonderful journey you have prepared for me. I ate it like a gourmand would eat the finest meal.. with much relish and regret that ti ended so soon.

    I look forward to the next meal very much.

    thank you.

  8. me

    Thanks for creating this. I can tell it was a labor of love. And after a day like the one I’ve just had, I really needed something like this. You have my heartfelt gratitude.

  9. Jonas, I really, really want to play this. I just found out about it, and Desert Bridge made me so happy…but I can’t get it to load. Am I doing something wrong when the “casual gameplay” screen comes up? It doesn’t do anything on its own but it doesn’t seem to do anything if I click on it either.

    Sorry to bother you! Is there a reason it’s not available for download like Desert Bridge was?

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