Today the Greek junta showed its true face once again, using the most brutal methods to keep the Greek people from expressing their opposition to the criminal methods being used to take Greece apart and sell it. Beating, running down and shooting at unarmed people, at doctors trying to help.

These are the methods of fascists. Of terrorists. Of tyrants afraid of their own people.

They will not succeed.


  1. Don’t know if they’ll succeed or not, can only hope they won’t. Many Argentinian journalists, writers and economists agree that Greece is going trough the same (or a similar) process we had to suffer a decade ago. And believe I don’t want to see that again.

  2. Matthew Saunders

    All the news I am getting over here is that Greece’s economy is going to fail, taking the world with it. If that is ‘true’, then some triage is going to have to happen? Protect ‘the world’ by either isolating Greece’s economy or excising it?

    What are your thoughts regarding the Greece situation?

  3. Since I don’t have the time for a detailed response right now (because I have to work, not because I’m not interested in responding), I’d like to redirect you to Debtocracy, a crowdsourced Greek documentary about the matter. It’s not perfect, but it’s a better depiction of the real issues at hand than just about anything else I’ve seen.

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