I Was There For A Moment


It’s always a little strange to come back from Greece, though nowhere near as strange as going there in the first place. This time my usual feelings of displacement when returning to Germany were somewhat overshadowed by the odd experience of coming out of the airplane almost deaf (having a cold and flying is a bad combination). Not being able to hear one’s footsteps is somehow very confusing.

These bodies of ours are strange things, aren’t they? Sometimes beautifully, sometimes depressingly so. But I guess we all deal with it. We’ve been dealing with it for hundreds of thousands of years.

I have a lot of catching up to do, but I’m slowly getting around to it. Yesterday was dominated by work and other obligations. If you’re expecting to hear from me, you probably will tomorrow or on Monday.

I’ll also try to get around to making that Making Of video. There’s lots of interesting things to talk about.