Linkies and stuff

A random assortment of links and stuff:

  • The Book of Living Magic is completely finished. Currently just waiting for some tester feedback and trying to decide how I will approach sponsorship.
  • I finally sent Terry my complete outline for the Nexus City prequel. I’ve already got a ton of notes, so if he likes the general direction of what I’m suggesting, I’ll be able to put together the script rather quickly.
  • Speaking of Terry, At a Distance, his game for the No Quarter exhibition, is getting rave reviews.
  • Glenn Greenwald is one of the most serious journalists writing today. One of his recent articles: They hate us for our freedoms.
  • Johann Hari, another serious journalist, writes about David Cameron’s environmental policy. Worth reading, even if you’re not in the UK.
  • The glorious, democratic Greek police force. (requires YouTube login)
  • I participated in the comments thread of this article about Greece. It’s depressing to see how widepsread these bullshit ideas about lazy Greeks and their supposedly bloated public sector are. Well, the only thing one can do with these right-wing idiots is fight to create a better world in spite of them.
  • Speaking of bullshit, Verena writes about a particularly nauseating variety thereof.
  • And finally, to wash away the depression, a very cute snow leopard.

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