Uncomfortably Numb

It wasn’t my toe, actually, but my finger. As I was closing a door last night, my brain made some kind of weird mistake and my finger got squished between the door and the frame.

Squished? Nah, that doesn’t do it justice. The door slammed into it. It was a motherfucking explosion of motherfucking pain. It drove tears to my eyes. It wasn’t as bad as the time the dentist stuck a big fat needle into a still-sensitive-after-all root canal, but it was pretty bad.

Now my finger is all numb. Guess what’s much harder to do with a numb finger? That’s right, making games and videos. Argh! I did manage to do some good writing, but argh! Don’t I have enough problems already?

Anyway, since you won’t be getting your video tonight, how about listening to this?

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