My Name Is Not Kryratzes

So, the current issue of GEE magazine has an article about Wikileaks Stories that features an interview with me. The article is good, and I was quite happy that I wasn’t terribly misquoted or anything. It even has a non-embarrassing picture of me.

But my name is wrong.

Every. Single. Time.

This keeps happening to me, even in Greece. It’s amusing, really, in an infuriating sort of way. This time they consistently spelled it as Kryratzes, which is a step up in absurdity from the usual Kryatzes (which in Greek sounds like I’m a salesman of cold). Kryratzes sounds like some sort of Polish Klingon, if you ask me. I get shivers just typing it.

Ah, well. Next time I do an interview, remind me to ask them to make sure they get my name right.

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