Wikileaks Stories Update

For the next few days, I’ll be dividing my attention between Nexus City and my contribution to Wikileaks Stories. The former is going quite well; it’s slow, but that’s simply because it’s turned into a big project. But I’ve rarely been as happy with a project as with Nexus City, or worked with someone as talented and kind as Terry Cavanagh.

Wikileaks Stories is getting a surprising amount of attention from a variety of sources. This is fantastic, and I hope it helps get the word out to all those developers who might be interested in participating. When art and history meet, the result can be very powerful, perhaps even more so when the history is current. Let’s make some good games.

My personal contribution is making progress. I’ve got a title, the basic design is all mapped out, and I’m experimenting with graphics. The graphics need to accomplish several goals, and I think I’ve found a way of doing that, but I need to experiment a bit longer.

In terms of distribution, this will definitely be a Flash game. The only question is whether I can get a sponsor for such controversial subject matter; if I can, I will donate every bit of profit I make to organizations that support freedom of speech and transparency. Including, of course, Wikileaks.

I’m looking forward to the hatemail.

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