Waves in the Ocean

The feedback for The Infinite Ocean has been overwhelming. As with the first release, there are many people who think it’s “lame” or “boring” or “pretentious,” but the game is also reaching the right people. I actually think this time around it’s doing much better, and all the conversations about its meaning that I always hoped would take place are finally happening. This is excellent.

To my delight, it’s also been featured in a Casual Girl Gamer article entitled “Another 20 games that make you think about life.” This is also excellent.

Less excellent is that a few people have reported a glitch near the end. I’ve looked through the code, but since no-one has actually told me what the glitch is, I can’t really fix it. So please tell me!

Edit: The glitch has been found and killed. The updated version has been sent to ArmorGames, and will hopefully be up sometime tomorrow (Monday).


  1. I loved the original version of The Infinite Ocean. So much so that I wish I could get it working on my current machine (sadly, it does not agree with Windows 7).

    I thought that the new Flash version was just as good as the original, in its own way. It didn’t fall short of the original in any aspect, but I don’t feel like it surpassed it either.

    The music in both versions fit the mood perfectly. I’ve always been a man of the familiar, though, so my personal taste is leaning towards the original. However, there were definitely a lot of sounds that I wish could have been in the original (various beeps and the ocean among them).

    Making the password hunt a lot more accessible was probably the best thing for the Flash version, but to me, it lacks that push the original version of the puzzle had, forcing the player to see patterns and be clever. When I had figured out how it worked, I was beyond impressed at how the puzzle was supposed to be solved and even more so at how the pieces were hidden.

    On the other hand, I enjoyed the new writing quite a bit more. My personal favorite is when one of the characters is contrasting (albeit briefly) actual Christianity with the beliefs of another character. This newer version is much more insightful in that it openly declares the purpose of Christianity and simultaneously puts the faith itself into a positive light while showing that there are nutjobs everywhere.

    I also liked the new room. Simple as it was, I’m glad it was there. It made the game a bit longer and certainly helped with story development and puzzle-piece hunting. I also just liked the idea of a bottomless bridge room.

    Overall, I believe it was a success on the same level as the original, but in many different ways. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I look forward to your next game.

  2. Jonas, something’s wrong with Commentarium. I get to the front page fine, but when I try to click on an article, Chrome gives me a weird error and offers to let me view a cached copy. A certain other site went down the same day I found this error, probably yesterday. I find myself hoping both that it is and is not a problem on my end. If it is on my end, I don’t know what the fuck to do. Hell, my modem’s been acting up a bit lately. If it is not on my end, however, there might be a problem with the Internet itself. I do hope she’s not breaking down, the old girl’s been everything to me these past few years. Education, entertainment, social interaction, publishing, and, possibly one day, a source of income. It wouldn’t just be sad if she died. It would be the end of so many good things in my life. I’m probably being paranoid, but still.

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