News of all sorts

Once again in list form:

  • The Infinite Ocean has successfully found a sponsor and is approaching release.
  • Most of my energies are currently going into Nexus City. The beginning of the game is undergoing some restructuring.
  • I’m also working on another game. I’m not going to reveal much about it before it’s done.
  • The site is getting rather a lot of spam, so if one of your comments never makes it through, it doesn’t mean I’m ignoring you. I probably just didn’t notice that it was mistaken for spam.
  • More news soon.
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  1. byth

     /  November 10, 2010

    1: Hell yeah!

    2: I saw that on another blog too…unless I’m missing something and/or am insane. Is this a collab or a redundant title? If it’s a collaboration then that’ll be cool beans.

    3: RUMORED: player input

  2. byth

     /  November 10, 2010

    Oh, Terry Cavanagh. Cool beans yo.

  3. It is a collaboration indeed.

  4. So, who’s the lucky sponsor?

  5. ArmorGames. The game comes out on Tuesday. And my Escapist article shall outrage the masses in 10 days.

  6. Tuesday?! THIS IS SO AWESOME!

    Also, are you going to submit it to other sites, like Newgrounds, or is it just going to be on Armor Games?