Thematic Questions

I’m considering changing the website’s theme. I like this one very much, but it’s very narrow, and with the website starting to get rather full (and more content already being on the way), a slightly different approach might be better.

I’m very enchanted by TwentyTen, the theme we’re using for Commentarium – it has a solidity and simplicity that I find very appealing. But the very fact that we’re already using it for Commentarium makes me uncertain about using it for my website as well. Of course, thousands of other people also use it, so what the hell…

Then there’s the more flexible themes, like Atahualpa, but I’m not sure whether they’re as pleasant, visually speaking, as TwentyTen…

And let’s not even get into the fact that I have these odd feelings of guilt when I consider changing the theme, as if I’m betraying K2 by doing so. Anthropomorphizing themes? Jesus fucking Christ.

(If the site looks odd while you’re reading this, I’m experimenting.)


  1. I’m thinking of moving to a wider theme myself.

    You could always switch to TwentyTen but tweak a thing or two: change the header accent color, or add a slight tint to the background. That way you’d have a unity of feel across your two sites, but still have them be visually distinct.

  2. @PAK: I know. The current theme situation is temporary, one way or the other.

    @Gregory: Yeah, I’ve been considering that. I just hate messing with CSS files. Not that I can’t, the ones on this site are also tweaked… I just freakin’ hate it.

  3. Byth

    I’d love if you could get an older posts button at the bottom while you’re at it. Finding well-written, consistently updated blogs is tough, and I like reading the archives, but scrolling up to the top is annoying. A small complaint, I know, but if you could just give it a little low-importance spot in your criteria I would has a happy.

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