What I Am Doing Right Now

I have purchased Multimedia Fusion Developer 2, and will be using that to create flash games. And hopefully I will make some money doing so, because a) we need it b) that would mean more games.

Right now I’m working on a remake of The Infinite Ocean to teach myself how to use my new tools. It’s about time, anyway: I still get regular comments about the game, and the current version doesn’t run on most systems. I’m not changing the graphics or the plot, by the way – though I’ll probably make some changes to the writing here and there. I am, however, working on improving the interface and the puzzles (such as they are), to make the game a bit more accessible.

So far MMF2 is proving… interesting. It’s like a slightly cruder version of Construct, but considerably more stable. Some aspects of its design are infuriatingly inelegant, but it works – and it makes flash games. So I can’t complain much.

And I’m still writing stuff for Nexus City (check out the screenshots!), which will be so awesome that even I can’t wait to play it. Hype much? Probably. But the test versions I’ve seen make me very happy.

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