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Despite a couple of minor hiccups, good progress is being made with the two short films, and we should be able to enter the competition with two respectable, even cool entries. None of us are expecting even remotely to win – given that we are certain to be up against people (i.e. film students) with far superior equipment and effects – but we can at least try to do our best, and see where we end up. Your support, when if the time comes, will be greatly appreciated.


  1. dieter brummer

    Is dom.
    Is good.

    I spose it doesn’t really matter if hyperlinks are enabled, there’s not really a joke involved. However, I did just discover the word “fleischmeister”, a title I may consider adopting.

    From odd parts in the texts you produce, I conclude that some people consider you pretentious. I think that’s a bit off the mark. You aren’t aiming at technical wizardry or polished skills in your comics, in your games. Haven’t seen the films, so can’t comment there. I suspect you don’t really WANT to be able to compete with ‘film students’ (note: some of my best friends are film study graduates. I bear them no ill will. They still don’t have great jobs.), where their message is told through a completely institutionalised attitude to their medium. You have a slightly more dada approach to your output. I dunno that i’d call it art, both because the standing definition of ‘art’ is a serious pain, and because i don’t no if YOU call it art, so who am I to stick post-it-notes on your… creative excretions? Anyhow, dada. Yep, you learn as much of photoshop, gamemaker, whatever, as you need to to tell the story that you feel needs telling. If you can’t tell it exactly the way you feel it should, you’re at least getting as close as you can to a compromise you can live with.

    —-end of message—-

  2. I definitely call my work art. I don’t subscribe to the elitist understanding/definition of art, and never will. But that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in the idea of art.

    My approach is slightly different from what you describe, however: I believe in telling a story exactly in the way that it needs telling. That does involve skill, and if I don’t have the skills or technical abilities, I don’t tell the story until the day comes when I somehow can (which is why I have a huge backlog). I believe in knowing what I can and can not do, and working on projects I can do justice to. As with everything, I don’t always succeed 100%, but most of my work (with the exception of bugs and accidents) looks the way it does because it’s supposed to.

    Also, I have nothing against film students. I just want their equipment.

    If all this sounds defensive (or pretentious), it’s not meant to. Simply nitpicking, as ever. Thank you for your support.

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