oh hai. i is in ur greece, having ur vacation.

Yes. Well. Getting to the internet proved much harder than expected, and staying there equally challenging. Weather is nice, food is good, writing is happening. Will attempt to write again in a couple of days.

Be safe, have fun, and remember to read a good book every now and then. See you soon.


  1. Too bad I’ll be in band camp by that thyme. 🙁
    Ah, well, I like band, anyways.
    But you wanna know something weird, Jonas?
    Like, a few days after you left, I was at the New Deal Festival and saw a kid who looked almost EXACTLY like you, without the beard or thousand tons of blubber (the kid was an absolute twig, if he’s a native, it’s a wonder he survives the winter)! Seriously, exact replica, down to the skin tones and glasses. He even had a ponytail. O_O

  2. JJA

    Amazingly, I saw Evil Roda’s eviler twin at almost exactly the same time. Before I could say anything, he pushed a button on his hat, which extruded a rotor and control arms, and so was skyborne in an instant before I could locate my marker paint. However, later that day I tagged and bagged a nearly exact replica of Bill Mumy, so the day turned out well.

    Here’s wishing you a safe and happy return!

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