I seem to be getting into a writing phase. I’m working on my screenplay, on several blog posts, on my novel… and making progress, too, which is excellent. Today was a bit slow, because we were tired from celebrating our friend Sebastian’s birthday on the Feldberg last night, but all in all the work is going pretty well. And people are still enjoying Phenomenon 32, which means all that work wasn’t entirely for nothing.

Oh, one other thing. I’m looking for a better webcomics host than Webcomics Nation – any ideas? Most of what I’ve seen wasn’t particularly interesting, but I’d appreciate any input.


  1. It’s basically dead. The software is not being updated, bugs are not being fixed, and reviews are not being approved. It’s supposed to merge with another site, but that’s been going on for two years now.

  2. I recently started a webcomic on comicfury.com. I’m not sure how good the average comic is there, and I haven’t really looked at the community that much, but the website itself seems to be quite good.

  3. JJA

    What Jonas said; also, the stats have been broken forever. Their ‘fix’ is to add Google Analytics to your site’s page. Well, if you can’t even maintain the stats, or withdraw them as a feature instead of letting them degenerate into bogosity, how confident can I be that the migration will go gracefully and that your developers will be responsive to issues on the new platform? If I have to code around your developer’s lack of attention, I might as well do it on my own site.

    I’m joining the WCN exodus. I am trying out a few content management systems and I’ll let you know how it goes.

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