The Good News

The bad news is that I need to work on Phenomenon 32 for a few more days.

The good news is that the reason I need to work on it is that I seem to have discovered the origin of the constant crashing that was so ruining the game for me. Fixing it means a radical redesign of the map screen, which is basically the heartpiece of the whole game, but that’s OK – it won’t be fun, but it can be done, and if it makes the game work, it’s absolutely worth it.


  1. I’m not entirely certain yet. I have, how shall I put it, isolated the location of the problem, rather than exactly pinpointing its nature. Maybe there’s just too much going on – I just put too much stuff on that one screen.

    Another possibility is that it’s something I can’t affect, something wrong somewhere that Construct “remembers”. This may sound odd, but Construct really does behave that way sometimes – like file sizes remaining the same after you remove an image because somewhere Construct is still keeping that information, even though it definitely shouldn’t.

    Perhaps I’ll be able to find out what *exactly* the problem was as I rebuild the map screen. I’m going to be very careful and test it after every component I add.

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