What’s going on?

Glad you asked. Quite a bit, actually.

  • Tomorrow I’ll start working on Phenomenon 32 again, in the hopes of getting version 0.9 out soon.
  • I’m typing the parts of my novel that aren’t typed, and ordering many of my novel-related files. This may not seem like much, but it’s actually quite significant. Slowly I can see the book being finished, and I’m certain that if you enjoyed my games, you will love this story.
  • Our film and TV site is getting ready to launch – maybe tomorrow, maybe on Tuesday. I think it will be great fun.
  • I’m writing a guest blog about the situation in Greece for another blog. I hope it turns out good.
  • I have several interesting blog posts coming up – reviews, links, various thoughts, etc.
  • And a couple more things that I might talk about at a later date.

My pain is still there and I’m still taking painkillers and antibiotics, but at least my face is slightly less swollen today.

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