monkey flees from sabretooth

My wisdom tooth is out. It hurts and it bleeds and I look like a zombie.

And it took forever. My system was in such distress that it just ate the anaesthetics up, and everything remained sensitive and painful.  I could’ve run a marathon, but they just couldn’t get my stupid flesh to go numb. Monkey instincts.

The young doctor who started the operation kept getting more and more nervous, until he had to get his more experienced partner. After a certain point it went quickly, if noisily, and now I’m back home and feeling weird. Also spitting blood.

I am thankful Verena was there, because otherwise I would’ve had a total nervous breakdown.


  1. Sarah

    Argh… are you resistant to freezing too? I hate that about myself. I had stitches done and a cavity out, and both times they either had to put in more freezing or I put up with the entirely creepy feeling of not being in pain, but still being able to feel them doing the work. *shudders*

  2. @Sarah: Yes, I am also resistant – and unlike such resistances in RPGs, this one sucks.

    @Q0nd0ry W3ary: I certainly hope so. But it’s mighty unpleasant right now. And there’s several more regular teeth that urgently need work, so there seems to be plenty of pain still ahead.

  3. TJF588

    What’s “freezing”?

    Sorry to bring up a meme in your time of fluid discomfort, but… PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN. (Unless it’s a pain to even move your jaw. *suppresses own dread*)

  4. As soon as my health permits, yes. I’d love to do it all now, but I’m not really able to concentrate for extended periods of time. Between the hunger, the pain, and the drugs, I’m feeling more than a little woozy.

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