Yes, I’m still uploading. It’s very hard to find places that can host a 240MB file, and most of them are quite slow. I’ll also upload the file to this website, but if too many people download it, it will cause problems – so I need mirrors.

If anyone has any good suggestions… most of the sites I was counting on are either dead or only take smaller files…


  1. Dojutrek

    Why not use a Torrent sitem Like Demonoid or ISOhunt.

    The only issue is that you need to seed the file yourself for a time until there’s enough people seeding it themselves. Otherwise, you can upload almost anything to these locations and the only limiter is your connection.

  2. File hosting services are what I’m currently uploading to. But it takes bloody ages – I’m currently at 80/236MB at Filedropper, and I’m guessing it will take at least one more hour to complete, if not more.

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