Press Continue

Yesterday was a bit of a disaster. First I was totally overwhelmed by tiredness in the afternoon, and then Verena started feeling really sick. Taking care of my wife kind of took priority over game design at that point.

She’s fine now, though, if a little exhausted.


  1. Evil Roda

    Glad to hear Verena’s made a full recovery.
    Damn, she’s been really sick twice during the development of this game. Has she ever been so sick while you were developing a game?

  2. I wish I had a wife that could take priority in my life. I think I’ve become far too entrenched in my own passions.

    I’m glad to hear that Verena’s feeling better. Roda’s got a point, though. This sickness may warrant some investigating. Perhaps a doctor’s visit? If the doc says it’s okay, then that means it’s just the usual challenges, blocks, and hurdles that are put in your way when you begin a project like this.

    I can’t help but wonder if this is God’s way of trying to get your attention, though. Of course, I AM a Christian, so there you go.

    Anyway, you and Verena hang in there, Jonas. I’m rootin’ and praying for you two the whole way. You’ve got a voice, and I’d hate for this world to become deprived of it.

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