Or maybe…

So, thanks to a tip from our good and wonderful friend Ivo, I have come up with at least a partial answer to what’s going on. One of the two problems appears to actually be due to my computer. The one other is still batshit crazy and random, but at least I might be able to avoid that one.


  1. Andrea

    If you are totally sure that the audio problem (is that one, isn’t it?) is solved because it’s a “your computer fault” then…I think that it’s rising the dawn…
    One of two…it’s an half full glass … giving that the glass was initially empty 🙂 (forced optimistic view)
    C’mon Jonas…we are all with you!

  2. As I said in the previous post, it was a series of really bizarre crashes and other problems related to sound. Part of the problem is bugs in Construct, and another part appears to be my computer.
    If this is really the case, then I might be able to release the game tomorrow. I would just have to test some things very thoroughly. If not… I have no idea. Maybe some people from the Construct community will have a look at it.

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