OK, so Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen really is the worst movie I have ever seen. Or at least in the bottom 3. It’s worse than Red Dawn, which is saying something. It’s racist, sexist, militarist, badly edited, badly written, badly acted, badly directed, boring and above all dumb.

More when Commentarium returns/finally starts up for real. (After the 15th, that is.)


  1. Theo Jannoplos

    If you have a Transformers movie in your ‘worst 3’,you should consider watching ‘Doomsday’,’The happening’ and ‘The village’.If you haven’t,they are must-watch.

  2. Ah, yes. The Village is one of my favourite films of all time, and I thought The Happening was a good B-movie (not spectacular, but pretty good). Consider re-watching them: I think most people dislike The Village because the advertising is misleading, or because they go in with preconceptions of some kind. It’s a love story.

    Doomsday is silly, but it’s a masterpiece compared to Transformers. At least Doomsday has a coherent narrative and decent actors.

  3. There were three good things about Revenge of The Fallen.

    1) Jetfire. He’s just awesome, and when he’s not swinging his axe at your head, he’s using it as a cane.

    2) SPOILER! Optimus getting killed was a real tear-jerker.

    3) “NOBODY eats me!” I laughed.

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