Voice Recording Extravaganza!

Today we recorded all the lines for two of the main characters of Phenomenon 32, Dr. Anna Halvorsen and Dr. Emma Bronstein. It took a fair bit of time – it’s now half past one at night – but I am very, very happy with the results.

Telling this story is great fun, and I only wish I could add more and more details. But of course, art is never finished… or, to paraphrase Ben Burtt: games are not released, they escape.

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  1. Evil Roda

    Can’t wait ’till this little beast escapes!
    That being said, what’s left on the checklist? No more levels, bugs, et cetera that you know of, right? All you have to do is put the recordings in, and make sure that doesn’t inadvertently break the game, right? Right? Right?!?
    Calm yourself, man! Calm yourself! Deep breath, yes, that’s it… AHHHHHICAN’TWAITIT’SBEENSOLONGIT’SGONNABESOAWESOMEICAN’TWAITAHHHHHH

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