Zero Punctuation: Wolfenstein

Last video for a while, I promise. But this particular Zero Punctuation is quite brilliant, and I’m incredibly busy right now.

Next up: meaningful updates!


  1. JM

    Actually, I didn’t read your opinion on in before I posted my comment. Had watched it some hours earlier, and by my measure – how much do I laugh – it wasn’t that great. The limerick idea was certainly nice, but for me ZP works best when Yahtzee sticks to beating the crap out of a games weak point. Same with AVGN, it’s most fun to watch if the review doesn’t come along with a storyline.

  2. I didn’t laugh as much as I have at times, but that’s because I was too busy grinning at the whole limerick thing, and to how he stuck with it throughout the whole review. So I think it’s bloody excellent.

  3. Must agree with Jonas on this one. It’s a rather difficult job to pull off so much limerick, and even keep it, more or less, in its traditional form for the duration of the whole thing. At Yahtzee’s speed, this certainly amounts to at least 3-4 pages worth of limerick. Hats off for Mr. Y.

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