Aaaah. (tired)

So, our honeymoon shall be in the Dominican Republic! The country had been greatly recommended by one of my professors, who knows the country quite well (and was the first person to write a travel guide about it, at least in German), and the offer we got was really good. The hotel we’re going to is fairly large, but not in one of the over-touristy areas, and we will most definitely avoid staying in the hotel the whole time. I don’t feel particularly comfortable with all this hotel culture anyway, and don’t want to spend my time hanging around colonialist-type people who wish that there was more “normal” food and everyone spoke their language.

I’m looking forward to getting a shitload of writing done, enjoying the beach (yes, I know it’s the rainy season) and getting to know a tiny bit of another country. And having a honeymoon that is memorable in a good way.


  1. Jonas

    DomRep… you should have gone to Cuba.

    Dude, is there anything you don’t have a problem with these days?
    Cuba was another option, but the hotels were rather ugly and super-sized, and this offer was more quiet and will allow us to get a better sense of the actual island.

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