So what now?

The last few weeks have been extremely eventful. We went to Greece, my cousin got married, I had a lot to do at work, I made the Phenomenon 32 preview, and so on. And we got married. (Yay!)

So what’s coming up from this small corner of the planet? Quite a lot, but I can’t promise any exact dates yet. Verena and I are working hard at making the jump to doing all of this – the creative things that are our mission in life – on a larger, “professional” level. (I tend to use the word professional in a different sense usually. Here it means creating art as one’s primary occupation and source of money, but not for the money.) This means, amongst other things, that we’re working on expanding our presence on the internet. Verena will be getting her own page and several of our projects will have sites (or at least domains) of their own soon. Some of these you haven’t heard of yet, others have been flying around for five years.

When the times comes, we will need your help. The fairly small (for internet standards) push that the Phenomenon 32 preview got already made a huge difference in terms of exposure. If you’ve read or played or seen anything we’ve made, you know we believe in our work and aren’t just in it for the money or the fame. But there is so much more to accomplish, so many amazing projects that just need bigger budgets… so if you’ve enjoyed our work so far, if it means something to you, by supporting us you will enable us to give shape to many more dreams.

For now, I’ll keep on searching the plugin archives and grinning to myself about Bob the Spider. I’ll let you know when the time comes to push.

Thank you all for sticking with us so far. This is just the beginning!

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