Phenomenon 32 page updated, and a question

I’ve updated the Phenomenon 32 page with a couple of new screenshots and a new feature list. (I always think feature lists for a work of art are kind of weird, but I guess there isn’t a good alternative right now.)

I’m considering doing a bit of a “preview” post, with more info and screenshots and stuff. Maybe this could get some attention to the game before it comes out? I normally prefer being silent about what I’m working on, since the people who are busy telling us how great their work is are usually not actually working on it. But working your arse off without an audience is also frustrating, especially when you take what you do very seriously. So… what do you guys think? Any feedback will be appreciated.


  1. I’ll consider it. Not sure how interest in Phenomenon 32 is going; I think a lot of people may have been disappointed by the switch to the new version, even though it’s the best thing that could happen to this project.

  2. I’ll be honest, I was a little disappointed about the switch myself. If the majority of people that play your games are anything like me, I’m betting they felt the same way. Since I differ from a lot of people, I’m also guessing they were a bit more disappointed than I.

    However, if you’re still gonna stick to the original concept in the second game, then I can wait a little longer for that. Either way, the major thing I’m looking forward to is the plot of the game rather than the gameplay itself. I’m afraid I can’t speak for everyone who will play P.32, and my “instinct” tells me that a fair portion don’t feel the same way. A lot of people may have been looking forward to the RPG-style you originally had in mind, since platformers have been around almost since the dawn of video games.

    I’m trying to rile up interest in your games, though. Several of my friends at college have computers and I’m going to talk to them about playing these games. They’re on the same level of weird as I am; perhaps not the same plane, but definitely the same level, so it shouldn’t be too big a challenge. I’ll also see if I can’t get them to “advertise” a little as well.

  3. Well, some of the fun elements of improving your ship are still there in the new version. And generally speaking, the exploration element is now much stronger, and much more successful, as is the atmosphere I wanted to create. The switch has improved both my ability to tell the story I wanted to tell and to create the gameplay. The only part I feel has really profoundly changed is the graphics and controls.

    As for platformers, well, they’ve been around for ages, but the number of platformers I found enjoyable is rather limited. And this is one game I would actually enjoy playing, if I hadn’t created it myself.

  4. isidor

    Hello, and first of all, P32 sounds very promising. Best of luck with it.

    To the point – it may look extremely generic. I’m not saying it is, but someone who comes here the first time (especially without knowing your other games) might just see another retro remake, and there’s no shortage of anonymous action platformers. I think spreading a video (on various sites, and not just here) is probably a good way to go, possibly with catchy music and a few good lines introducing the story, condensing the overall mood of the whole thing. Flashiness and thoughtlessness is not, I admit, the spirit of your games; but that’s the point, you need something to hook people with. Once people start playing the game they’ll either get it or go do something else, since it’s not like they bought the game anyway.

  5. Spoilers makes fan stay waiting 🙂 . When a project take a time, it is better to give out a bit spoiler once at a time. You already done it good atm.

    I’m not sure about connection between talking about our projects with procrastinating it. Can you describe more? Since honestly I’m currently procrastinating on my self projects 🙂 .

  6. isidor

    I think he meant that the actual time spent overstating your own game would be better off spent into actually completing it.

    A good (bad) example is where it’s been years since he started working on his new project and keeps posting stuff on bogus zen self-help practices, death metal, arnold schwarzenegger and sometimes ragdoll physics. (though i do hope the game is actually finished someday)

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