Well, today’s my birthday (and Mr. T‘s). I was going to post about all the cool presents I got (including Christopher Lee’s autobiography Lord of Misrule, An Other Cup and Star Maker) but then I read that the US Senate has voted to block the closing down of Guantanamo.

The night before the vote, Senate Democrats, led by Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, said they would block the funding and publicly broke ranks with Obama. Reid told reporters “Democrats under no circumstances will move forward without a comprehensive, responsible plan from the president. We will never allow terrorists to be released into the United States.


The Democrats’ capitulation comes after several weeks of terror baiting from top Republicans and the media. In one example, Senator John Thune from South Dakota warned, “The American people don’t want these men walking the streets of America’s neighborhoods. The American people don’t want these detainees held at a military base or federal prison in their backyard, either.

I find this so profoundly disgusting that I barely have words for it. This is evil and absurd on a level that is just stunning. How can people – and by that I mean the population, not the government – be falling for this shit? We’re talking about 240 guys, of which 200 not even the fascistoid system they’ve set up can actually put on trial. That’s how thin the accusations are. 240 people who have been imprisoned and tortured for years for crimes that they did not commit, with no legal rights whatsoever. Even if two or three of them are potential terrorists, get this:


They’re just a bunch of people who have been abused to the breaking point. They’re not some army of invincible evil-doers that will run amok in the streets of America. (There hasn’t been a terrorist attack in the US since 2001, remember?) Who can really believe that if these guys were released into public life, they would instantly turn into civilian-killing supermonsters? Hell, even if they wanted to, how?

It’s insane, and disgusting, and comes very close to killing off my last bit of hope for America. I knew that the Democrats were spineless, but seeing the military-intelligence apparatus taking over control of the country to so little reaction is just depressing. Where are all the people now who were so enthusiastically supporting Obama and change? Why are the blogs so silent? Was all they wanted a governmental facelift? Their government is bowing to fascism right now – why aren’t people speaking up? Where is the power of the internet? Where are the so-called progressives? If you were all there for Obama, where the hell are you now?



  1. TJF588

    I showed this post to a classmate discussing the matter, and while he’s fine with your moral stance on the issue, he wonders what option(s) you would suggest. Way he sees it, there are only two viable options: to release them in the States and subsequently deport them, or for a mechanical failure (I’m not entirely sure if that includes quotation marks) to occur to the plane transporting them.

    The first has the hitch of whichever countries, theirs or another, would take them. He mentioned political asylum, which would inable us to deport them to their home country. He later suggested buying out their willingness to accept a deportee, but he prefaced that with a “nah” dismissal (esp. since the concept ended with a “we don’t care what you do with them afterward” sort of stance hypothetically on our government’s part). The other is rather crude (he said that the pilots would somehow survive, which makes me think there’s quotes), and while I don’t remember a direct quote, I think he was of the opinion that it, as would simply releasing the prisoners in the States, would carry political backlash.

    Now, ‘course, take the above with a bit of waver, since I’m not exactly photographic, nor am entirely inferential (ah, big vords), but his point I bring to you: What options are there? It’s OK to have a moral stance (and I get that this post is more geared towards public response than anything else), but for sake of a discussion, what do you figure could, realistically, be done with these guys?

  2. What needs to be done with these people is that they need to be treated like human beings. In other words, they need to be given a fair and legal trial (not in some kangaroo court) and then released to wherever the hell they came from, or to the United States (which is, after all, responsible for them being there in the first place). Those that are found innocent – i.e. most of them – also need to be paid reparations for the crimes committed against them. (I’m pretty sure there already is a legal framework for similar cases.) Those that are found guilty of actually doing something can be put in jail.

    As I said, these guys aren’t supervillains. Most of them aren’t even terrorists! Most of them are just regular people who ended up there by bad luck. Why treat them like they’re radioactive? The idea that they pose a threat to the United States is absurd. Either the US is a democracy, or it isn’t. If it is, it needs to behave like one.

    The same goes for the various European nations that are supporting this kind of anti-democratic behaviour.

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