All you people with your bloody expectations

You know what’s totally unfair? People who are expecting Phenomenon 32 to be really cool. Because every time I test it, I’m like “yes, it’s not bad, but if I had read all the stuff I posted, I’d be expecting a lot more.” And then I go and add more features, or try to give it more depth. And it still feels simplistic and mediocre. It still feels like there ought to be ten times as much content.

Damn you people and your expectations. Now I have to add a better system for equipping your ship. Do you know how much work that will be? And I have to add new types of locations, too. And rebuild the research system to make it more efficient and fun.

Fun. I mean, who needs a game to be fun? Or to have a story? Or not to hang every five minutes? The games industry seems to be doing perfectly well releasing crappy, uninspired pieces of shit that will break in two the moment you start them up.

Oh, wait. Yes. I see.


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