Phenomenon 32

Here we go…


  1. Hi Jonas,

    I had played Desert Bridge and Museum of Broken Memories. I love how you compose the stories and details. Looking forward this new game.

    Anyway, had you try making games in flash? You will get more people to play your artworks and flash Action Script language is designed for designers– so it might be easy for you to learn. 🙂

  2. Jeremiah

    Hi! Your a great game programmer Mr. Jonas! I like the simplicity of your games! And i really like the great stories!

    I played “Last Rose in a Desert Garden” just a few minutes ago! I’m looking forward to this one!

    I’m also a programmer! still a student^^

    what language did you use? (Only if you wanted to answer^^)

  3. Thank you for your kind words.

    My games are all, with the exception of The Great Machine: A Fragment, written in the terrible but simple language of Visual Basic. And I am most definitely an awful programmer; that’s not saying I am a bad designer or writer. If I thought I sucked at writing or design, I wouldn’t be making games. But writing and design are not the same as programming, just as directing and cinematography are not the same. And I am a terrible programmer.

  4. a

    Nice, but lemme ask: ¿Is this
    a puzzle game or what?
    Oh, and don´t worry about it, programming isn´t exactly the easiest thing to do (saying by experience)

  5. Ken

    I somehow ended up with an extra Advanced Ship Plating item (6/5), so I can’t reconstruct it. (The reconstruction menu must be checking for equal, not greater than or equal)

  6. Ken

    The game has been fairly stable otherwise.

    As an aside, I would suggest adding “shmup standard” Z, X, and C key bindings since the shift and space keys tend to be somewhat “mushy” and the M key is hard to reach in a pinch. (Climbing the skyscrapers was particularly aggravating since I tended to mis-jump and fall several levels.)

  7. Hi Jonas,

    I shall like playing your game but it doesn’t work on my computer, i tried the patch but nothing more >_<
    I'm waiting to try with an other PC, hope it will work this time cause i liked your previous game (The Strange and Somewhat Sinister Tale of the House at Desert Bridge) it was so awesome 🙂 great story , ambiance and musics excellent, nice humor !!! I realy enjoy to play it and i'm sure that PH32 is pretty good too. Thank you for your work i wish you the best and please, make a prayer so that I can play ph32 ^^

    bye, bonne continuation.

  8. Sentos

    Hey I got the game starting and it was working fine until I saved and exited. Now when I open up the world map there is no other places other than the three buildings I “own”. I have windows 7 and I know a lot of people had problems running this on windows 7 but I am curious if a fix has been worked out? By the way from what I did play I found it to have a fantastic story and was deliciously difficult.

  9. Yes, that’s a bug that keeps happening on some systems. Deleting your savegames would restart the game (Documents and Settings\Application Data\Phenomenon 32 Saves\) but I fear there is no guarantee that it won’t keep happening. It is perhaps the worst of all the bugs in the game.

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