We saw Transformers yesterday.

Verena: So, the real test: is this worse than Immortel?

Jonas: They’re bad in different ways. If these two movies were sweets…

Verena: What?

Jonas: Sweets. If these two movies were candy.

Verena: Oh.

Jonas: If it was candy, then Immortel would be poisonous. Transformers would be just a little unhealthy, and bland… but buying it would be supporting Hitler!

Full review may follow when my brain stops hurting.

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  1. Wolfgang DelaSangre

    I’ll be honest: I liked it. The plot was solid, the acting was good (not great, but good). The CGI obviously dominated the whole thing, but the real kicker was that they used the original transforming noise.

    Could’ve been better, and I think a major flaw was that there wasn’t enough screen time for the Transformers themselves. But Optimus alone cost $1 million so that should be understandable.

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