There’s a review of Desert Bridge up at Jay is Games which is so awesome that words simply fail me. Well, actually they don’t. Awesome is a pretty good word. And awesome it is.

That being said, House at Desert Bridge is a wonderful work to behold. It’s a story book for grown ups, a fairy tale for philosophers and parents. It instills in you the memory of what it is like to view the world as a child, to see everything with wonder, and at the same time it bears the burden of age, conflict, and struggle. It is a labor of love that is a story that is about labors of love, and while it’s not for everyone, if such things appeal to you, I suggest you check out the manual from Bob the Spider (comes with the download, for your convenience), and step through the window that leads to the House at Desert Bridge.

The bit that I put in italics – that’s perhaps what made me the happiest. Because that really is the essence of the game.

And that’s why I need another mirror. Hmm – let’s see if I can get my JustAdventure webspace to work again. I always have to end up asking for technical assistance, because in the time between games they tend to change stuff on their server, and I always feel rather embarrassed about it…


  1. Wolfgang DelaSangre

    Hey, Jonas. Glad to see that Desert Bridge has a full-blown article on JayisGames instead of just a blurb now.

    By the way, I went and wrote my own walkthrough, but as a story. I hope that people find it useful and enjoyable. I also discovered many things I did not know before.

  2. Wolfgang DelaSangre

    I’ve put up a slightly updated (and fixed) version on my MySpace blog for all to see, and I’m going to be improving and adding to it even more. When I’m done, though, the whole thing is gonna be one gigantic spoiler. I didn’t want to spoil the ending in the walkthrough, but if I’m gonna turn it into a story, I might as well throw in everything I can.

  3. Murray

    I stumbled across this article on Desert Bridge randomly and read through it, and decided to give it a go. I just want to say to you sir, thank you for an adventure that I won’t soon forget. Easily the best story I’ve ever had the honour to taking part in.

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