Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone!

…and some very, very special greetings to the Greek government, the slave-drivers of capitalism. In this festive season, I hope you rot in hell.

The rest of us – take care, be merry, and eat well.

(And this remains the most hilarious Christmas song of all time.)


  1. TJF588

    Are you suggesting that capitalists are slave-drivers, or that the Greek gov. is/are the SDers among them/it?

    Also: Agreed on the song, though Dr. Robert’s How The Trout Stole Christmas is a def. in-joke contender.

  2. I am suggesting that capitalism is a system which essentially promotes slavery, and the Greek government does the work of slave-drivers. This is very much based on the latest reactions of the government to the enormous problems that are springing up for people and that will only get worse in the next six months, with more than 100.000 people losing their jobs.


    I’ll take surrealism, please. 😀

    Okay, seriously. I don’t really see what’s wrong with capitalism, as long as it’s regulated (which it almost never is). Communism… that I’d have a problem with. But regulated capitalism, that’s just fine.

    This coming from an American, too. Then again, I’m so poor I beg for dirt and I thought I died and went to heaven when I saw gas at 1.48 USD.

  4. I don’t think I can clearly argue the case against capitalism and for socialism in just one comment. Thankfully, Albert Einstein wrote a pretty good article on the subject:

    Also, a more proper description of capitalism (per your link) would be “You can’t afford cows. But the conglomerate that can afford them may allow you to shovel their shit for 300$ a month until they can find a guy from a poorer country who will do it for less.”

  5. Point taken, Jonas. That’s one of the reasons why I said I have no problem with regulated capitalism. The US Congress needs to get off their lazy old-folks-home butts and regulate these people. Or at least get the third-world countries to do it.

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