An Icon Passes

The one and only Majel Barrett-Roddenberry has died at the age of 76. To anyone who knew her work, from Star Trek to Babylon 5, she was not only an icon of science fiction and an enormously talented and underrated actress, but also a symbol of humour and humanity.

She goes now to join the Great Bird of the Galaxy. May they have fun.

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  1. I do believe I remember this woman from Babylon 5. My parents were both fans of Star Trek and Babylon 5, my father in particular. He was one of those rare Trekkies who knew everything about the series but still held the entirety of his dignity. I believe he dressed up as a Klingon for a convention once, and it was a very good costume, though I don’t think he ever spoke the language.

    Well, it’s sad to see another Sci-Fi legend go.

    Oh, minor off-topic note, Jonas. You’re finally on Jayisgames. Desert Bridge is in their Weekend Download column.

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