The Strange and Somewhat Sinister Tale of the House at Desert Bridge

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Boys and Girls,
Vertebrates and Invertebrates,
Sentient beings of all kinds and species,

I am pleased to announce the release of The Strange and Somewhat Sinister Tale of the House at Desert Bridge, a transdimensional portal to the Lands of the Dream an old-school adventure game. It is the result of long and difficult work and extensive testing by a team of dedicated lunatics individuals. It features wonderful music by the uniquely talented Helen Trevillion, fantastic and imaginative hand-drawn graphics by Verena Huber, and adequate-to-terrible programming by pretentious game designer Jonas Kyratzes.

Solve mysteries! Brew potions! Meet fascinating characters! Explore the colourful House at Desert Bridge! And all of that without a single annoying minigame or action sequence!

And it’s all free!

But none of that truly matters. What matters is that Old Man Bill has disappeared, and we need help finding him. Forget about all this “adventure game” nonsense, I just said it to get your attention. It’s a portal, OK? A portal to the Lands of Dream, and more specifically to our house here at Desert Bridge. And we have a real problem: our master has disappeared. He might be locked in his study, or in his bedroom – but we can’t get in. What is going on? What could be wrong? Someone with an outside perspective is needed to make sense of this situation. Could it be you? Download the game portal and find out. Harold the Talking Picture Frame will fill you in.

Hoping for your help,
Bob the Spider


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  2. boo_boo

    just finished the game and i liked it a lot. the ending is very touching…

    by the way, if you need an experienced C/C++ programmer for some of your game projects, you can count me in, i’d be glad to help.

  3. Wolfgang DelaSangre

    I found what you said on the GameBoomer forums. I just want to say, Jonas, that every storyteller becomes a parent in that special way when he creates his first character. Sometimes you find yourself getting help from others when creating this new life, but ultimately, it is yours. Sometimes, these children can be wonderful, sometimes they can be absolute monsters. But no matter what the case, whether they be colorful, cranky, mysterious, boring, horrendously evil, or just crying for help, this character you made is your own, your child.

    You SHOULD be proud of these characters you’ve created, Jonas. In ALL of your stories, you should be very proud.

  4. Delgarus

    Okay, so I downloaded the setup and installed the game. But when I bring up the “Begin, load, or leave” screen, I can’t do anything. Clicking doesn’t work, I can’t type anything in, I have to bring up the Windows Task Manager to close the window. Am I doing something wrong?

  5. There’s a link in the game’s folder in the start menu – or in the game’s folder itself. It is called, very imaginatively, Troubleshooting.txt. And the VB6 runtime is in the same folder.

  6. David B

    I’m dying to play this game (not literally – I would probably survive at least until New Year given enough beer and Christmas pudding) but have the same problem as Delgarus.
    I’ve got VB6 runtime installed (and tested with another VB game).
    When I start the game I get the opening screen with beautiful music, but can’t progress from there.

    P.S. Merry Christmas

  7. I’m not sure what you’re referring to… The walkthrough does accidentally call Harold a window once – maybe that’s what you’re after? There’s no other window in the entry hall.

  8. Cheddarius

    This game is great! The ending was like awesome burger with a side of awesome fries. The humor was good, the puzzles were the right difficulty, the plot was simply delightful. The only flaw I could find was a very minor difficulty in finding things due to lack of a map.

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