Absolutely. Yes, indeed. Hooray for jam. And stuff.

Nothing much to report right now. The beta testing has gone very well so far, but we’re waiting for the music before we can continue to the final version. Helen’s been doing a wonderful job – many of the testers have commented on how great the music is – but she’s having trouble finding the time to finish it all. Which is something I can understand perfectly well, as I have recently taken on a second job and am pretty much swamped with stuff to do. But the money has to come from somewhere, and at least the people are nice.

Nevertheless, my projects remain my main concern. Once Desert Bridge is done, I will finally be able to continue with my novel and finish editing The Great Machine.

In utterly cool news, Verena has finished writing her novel ahead of me finishing mine, and is now transcribing it to the computer. I’ve only read about a fourth of it so far – she wanted it to be in a more finished state first – but what I have read is excellent, and very funny. (I already know the plot, since we wrote an outline together. The ideas are all hers, though.) Once it’s all typed up, we shall begin editing it, and after that start sending it out to publishers. Yayness.