Before you download Phenomenon 32

To avoid misunderstandings, here are some things to keep in mind before choosing to download the game:

  • This game requires dedication. It is very big, and quite difficult, and parts of it may be different from what you’re used to.
  • The game comes with a short and simple manual, which you have to read. It has no tutorial or in-game help. If this is a problem for you, avoid the game.
  • This game was built in Construct. Construct is a great tool, but it’s still pre-1.0, and certain cases of instability (different from system to system) are still likely. They very rarely ever result in the losing of save games, but the game does sometimes crash. Until Construct improves, there’s nothing to be done about this.
  • Again as a result of Construct, the game has fairly high requirements. I would recommend a 2GHz processor and 2GB RAM. Yes, it’s silly for such a minimalistic game, but there you go.
  • The game runs in fullscreen mode.
  • The graphical style of this game is minimalistic, and the graphics are black and white. (In other words, it is designed to look like a Gameboy game.) This is done for reasons of atmosphere and story, but it may well not appeal to you.
  • The game features several hours’ worth of music and voice acting. That means the file is big. If you’re on a slow connection, and the above elements do not sound appealing to you, just look for another game. Thanks.
  • And no, this list is not meant to be patronising, as some people have said. (You can never please everyone, can you?) It’s just meant to help avoid misunderstandings.

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