Last Rose in a Desert Garden

“A moody, post-apocalyptic PC game… One of the best! A must-play!”
– Scott C. Carr, Chief Editor, Apocalypse Fiction Magazine

As death fell from the sky, the world ended – and the last story began…

Last Rose in a Desert Garden is a short post-apocalyptic game about the sole survivor of a nuclear war, who wanders the ruins of the earth, looking for hope. A story of a dark and all too possible future.

Written, designed and developed by Jonas Kyratzes.

Note: This game is now old and may not work on many systems. It is primarily kept here because some people are very fond of it despite its many flaws (I was 16 when I wrote this!).



The first version of Last Rose in a Desert Garden was released in the year 2000. This updated version, produced several years later, fixes some bugs and improves some of the interactive content. The game was intentionally designed to be short, and to employ rather unique language (for this type of story); none of this has been altered.


  • a mouse
  • a keyboard
  • a computer
  • Windows 9x/ME/XP
  • a few megs on your hard drive

Jonas Kyratzes – writing, design, graphics

The Beta Testers:

Bernie Craven, Alexander Tait, Bonnie Collins, Denise McCreary, Len Green, Albert Huber, Cees Porck, Ed Bridson, Julian Marioulas, Ken Ricklefs, Carolyn Draper, Bonnie Hale, Mike Maglione, Carol Scott, Max Novak


Even though Last Rose is a very easy game, a lot of people get stuck. If you can’t get past a part of the game and are running out of patience, you could – though I recommend playing on – look at a walkthrough. There are three of them:

My thanks to all three of them, and also to Alex Tait, who wrote the first walkthrough for JA+ back in the day.


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  2. Julien

    Ok, I understand, i played the game when I was much younger, And I was never able to finish it! Now i’m 18 and i’d like to give it a go again!

  3. Fraser

    I hope you release the update soon because I love post apocalyptic games and when I start the application it will just sit there and suck 50% of my CPU power.

  4. Well, this is a really old game, and not necessarily representative of what what I am capable of these days. I wrote it when I was 16, after all. It does what it does pretty well, but it’s also not the best I can do. So right now, updating it is relatively far down on my list of thing to do. I will eventually get around to it, but it might take a while, especially since updating The Museum of Broken Memories is much more important to me.

  5. JD

    Comodo AntiVirus has flagged this game’s executable (Rose.exe) as containing malware named Packed.win32.Krap~IC@161670813. This is almost certainly a false positive. I just wanted to mention this.

  6. JD

    This was a short but quite enjoyable game. If you ever wanted to take a break from the Land of Dreams universe, I think you could easily return to this one and do something very impressive!

  7. Han

    It been many years since I downloaded and played this game, I think it was in 2001. Was really moving and hopeless. Instead of fokusing on an apocalyptic “hero” trying to repair the world like in Fallout 3, we are looking at the effect on “ordinary” survivors and scavengers.

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