The Great Machine: A Nightmare

The Great Machine: A Nightmare is an independent film that could be described as anything from an experimental horror film to a surreal film about philosophy and politics. It might be wise to avoid taking LSD before watching it.

It is the story of Adam (Michael Schoeneis), a student and political activist, and the strange events he experiences as the world around him seems to become increasingly chaotic. His girlfriend Lily (Sophia Ebert) seems to be slipping away; his political work is becoming more and more frustrating as various groups refuse to cooperate. When Professor Blake (Bill McCann) suddently dies and Adam finds his notebook, containing the dead man’s poetic visions of the true nature of the world and the crisis we all face, a nightmarish journey begins…

More information about this project, so terribly long in the making, is coming up very soon.

Written and directed by Jonas Kyratzes.

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

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