surprize! ai iz present!

Today is Verena’s birthday, so I won’t be online much. Instead we will have some nice food and go to the zoo (even though it’s raining) and then to the cinema. It will be a wonderful day, rain or no rain. Yes. We will make it so, as Jean-Luc might say.

You know what would be a very nice thing you could do? If you love the work Verena has done on the Lands of Dream series, both as artist and co-designer, you could head on over to her site and leave a message telling her what her work means to you. Verena gets a lot less feedback than I do, mostly because she’s a lot shyer than I am, but none of these games would exist without her. I know that the feedback I get is a big part of what keeps me motivated and hopeful as an artist, so I think this would be a lovely present for her.