It may be that writing Would You Kindly Not has cost me a great deal of support in certain quarters, where I am now considered an evil white privileged (ahaha) oppressor for daring to question the dogma of identity politics and gender stereotyping, but frankly when I think about the fact that in those same quarters Stephen Fry is seen as a raving misogynist – a thought so absurd, so out of touch with reality, that it boggles the mind – a falling-out was inevitable. I’m sorry about that, because many of said people are very talented and probably well-intentioned, but I accept neither their ideology itself nor the notion that disagreeing with them turns me into a conservative (or an opponent of the groups they claim to represent).

So thank you for all the messages of support (including many from queer, trans and non-white people, who don’t all subscribe to the same ideology), I’m sorry so many of you feel unable to speak out because you are afraid of being attacked in the same way I was, and I will now stop trying to explain myself to those who were never interested in debate in the first place and return to telling stories – and doing my part in the struggle for global human equality. A small part, no bigger than yours, but something to take seriously nonetheless.

Bonus video:

The next post will be about Ithaka of the Clouds.

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  1. You still have my support, Jonas.

  2. The splintered radical political factions is one of the reasons Life of Brian so much, and why it frequently feels like it hits close to home. Definitely my favorite Python movie.


  4. Dylan

     /  January 28, 2013

    We clearly are of two minds – I have been linking that exact same youtube clip of The People’s Front for years to try and explain the politics of my alma mater.

  5. Wolfgang DelaSangre

     /  January 30, 2013

    If it makes you feel better, The Fabulous Screech and The Sea Will Claim Everything took first place in their categories over on JayIsGames. Traitor took second in its category.