A Very Brief Intellectual History of the Rise of the Golden Dawn

A long time ago

The Left: “Hey, those guys are neonazis!”
Intelligentsia: “Let’s talk about postmodernism and the end of history.”

A bit less long ago

The Left: “We’re troubled by the media’s constant racist propaganda.”
Intelligentsia: “What are the media?”

A few years ago

The Left: “Seriously, these guys are dangerous! And the media aren’t reporting their crimes.”
Intelligentsia: “Let’s talk about the irrelevance of the idea of progress.”


The Left: “The neonazis are getting widespread support! They’re starting actual pogroms! They’re stabbing people! They’re attacking journalists! They’re threatening and even beating people on live TV!”
Intelligentsia: “Yes, but the real problem facing our country is the violent language of the Left.”