As I said on Twitter, I wish I could say something about the elections in Greece other than “we’re fucked.” I can’t believe how many people were stupid enough to vote for Nea Dimokratia and PASOK, two parties that have spent the last thirty years robbing the country blind. Idiotic commentators keep going on about how corrupt Greece is, but those two parties are the heart of the corruption, and the politicians that are now back in power have enriched themselves enormously while destroying the people’s ability to live.

But maybe I shouldn’t say people were stupid. I think most people actually voted out of fear. The worldwide propaganda against Syriza was simply breathtaking, presenting a mildly left-wing, pro-Euro, pro-EU party as some kind of radical organization and Tsipras (its current leader) as some kind of messianic tyrant. The media were literally saying that voting for Syriza would lead to civil war and your homes and children being taken away by communists. I’ve never seen anything like it.

But as for the shitheads who voted for the neonazi gang known as the Golden Dawn – there are no excuses for voting for murderers and fascists. None at all. You are all either stupid criminals or criminally stupid.