Birthdays, Teeth and Stuff


  • It’s Verena’s birthday, so I won’t be working much today.
  • The Sea Will Claim Everything is almost done.
  • One of my teeth cracked yesterday, so I’ll be spending tomorrow being experimented upon by a dentist.
  • The Oneiropolis Compendium sort of got mentioned in the Guardian. We were just runners-up, but hey. Best use of felt-tip pen! The fact that I only just now noticed tells you something about how obsessively I’ve been working on The Sea Will Claim Everything.
  • I will talk about the partially-inspiring, partially-shocking election results in Greece at a later date.



  1. James Patton

    Sorry to hear about your tooth! It sounds terrible. Get well soon!

    I’m very, very excited about The Sea Will Claim Everything. And well done for getting into the Guardian!

    I’d be interested to hear about Greece. I feel I should know more about it but I don’t have the time to research it properly and I don’t know any of the parties…

  2. So when do I get to give you money for The Sea Will Claim Everything? Like… now?… it’s now, right?… how about… now?!

    (Speaking of someone who just got back from the dentist, I feel your pain and wish you a speedy recovery!)

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