The dagger is about to hit the bone

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  1. It’s officially a time of war. Simple as that dear Jonas. Today’s attack by the pig-dogs of the state was both incredibly brutal and fully unprovoked.

  2. We had a similar incident at the G4 summit in Toronto, Canada recently.

  3. Oh, but this isn’t a mere incident dear Jonathon. The strike and the demonstration were brutally attacked for the Nth time. Over 30 people were hospitalized and 3 have been very seriously injured and will be staying in intensive care for quite some time. This my friend is a one sided class war, but the people are getting stronger every day.

  4. Well in Toronto peaceful protesters who were in the area designated for protesting and also outside of it were brutally attacked and in some cased even cripples were beaten and dragged away from their prosthetic limbs/wheel chairs.
    then thousands were held in detention cells without food, water, explanations, or even medical care for any existing medical problems or the bleeding/broken bones caused by the police.

  5. Unbelievable! Never thought that the Canadian state was in such dire straits… Apparently, fascism and brutality are getting strong everywhere and most governments are only happy to bury any democratic smokescreen.

  6. Well no matter what the are called or what code of conduct they serve under all law enforcement and ultimately all government is still subject to one universal law;
    Power Corrupts

  7. Indeed!

  8. Matthew Saunders

     /  May 20, 2011

    So what’s going on with this picture? The news about Greece that I am getting in my neck of the world takes the pov that Greece is a potential ‘failed state’, that when it ultimately fails the rest of the world will follow and that these austerity measures are causing further stress.

  9. And a slightly related article (, puts Canada alongside Greece in list of most corrupt countries.