Where I Stand

Let me start by reiterating something that I said on Twitter and elsewhere on this blog: I will no longer waste my time getting into long conversations with unfriendly or aggressive individuals. My political and philosophical opinions can easily be found in my work, fiction and non-fiction alike, and I don’t see the point in having to have the same conversation over and over with people whose opinion is not going to change. I was accused of being childish for not wanting to do so, but I rather strongly disagree with that assessment, and in fact I feel that not engaging with such individuals is the exact opposite of childish.

Furthermore: I do not buy the argument that “he may be a racist, but he’s got some good points.” Sorry, but the moment you make a racist comment, I will lose all respect for you. Neither is calling someone a racist just a way of ignoring what they have to say. If a racist asshole comments on this blog, I will call him or her a racist asshole and ban them. Racism, unlike Christianity or Libertarianism, is not just “an opinion,” and I will not tolerate it on this blog, as I do my best not to tolerate it in real life.

The same goes for unfriendly and aggressive individuals. I simply won’t waste my time, which could be used to create or enjoy art, giving validity to such people. All they want, after all, is attention.

Neither do I accept the argument that it is my responsibility to encourage such individuals to be more friendly or less racist, or to enlighten them by posting counter-arguments that will anyway lie outside the small circle drawn by their faith/hate. If they come to my blog looking for discussion, it is up to them to be friendly and considerate.

I have said it before, and I will say it again: Some people cannot be convinced, only defeated. I will not waste my time trying to explain myself or to justify my stance on racism. I will not try to argue with those who are not open to argument, or who are clearly looking for a fight. I will continue to speak my mind, and tell the truth as I see it, in stories and blog posts and articles, and I will try to be clear about why I believe the things I believe; but if a better world will ever be created, it will be created in spite of those who are opposed, even if they ultimately benefit from the changes.

My business is to create, and that is what I will do.

But, knowing all too well that I am not infallible, I will always be open to those who, in a friendly and open manner, want to discuss and question and analyze.

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