Freedom Flotilla

The European Union called the event a tragedy. Somehow that doesn’t sound quite right to me.

A heavily armed military force attacks ships in international waters and butchers peace activists? There must be a better word.

Like piracy.

Or murder.

Or war crime.


  1. PAK

    The video exists, but it’s edited down to about one minute of footage and we have only the military’s word for it that it shows the beginning of the fighting. According to activists who have given accounts:

    the IDF fired warning shots and attacked with plastic bullets. When the activists attempted to defend themselves this apparently gave the soldiers justification for firing live ammunition. So the video proves nothing, because depending on what happened before (of which no video has been released, and the IDF has confiscated all activist cameras) it shows completely different things. Of course, the footage reinforces the impression that activists are to blame, which Israeli officials have been trying to create by flooding the media with all manner of other lies and false allegations, like the false claim that there were firearms and explosives aboard, or that violent resistance had been planned from the get-go.

  2. Even if the activists had attacked first, they legally had the right to do so. They were not even in Israeli territory. Under international law, Israel was committing an act of piracy.

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