Kill the Greeks

You turn on the radio, you get racist jokes about Greeks.

You go to a newspaper stand, half the newspapers and magazines are telling you that the Greeks are greedy, lazy bastards who are destroying Europe.

It’s everywhere. The Greeks are so rich and pretending they’re poor. They are all tax evaders. They get huge “luxury” pensions and lots of holidays. It’s repeated as if it were true. As if it wasn’t all bullshit and distortion.

They want our money, German money! They are a threat to Europe! Yes, this tiny country, with its 11 million people, its broken healthcare system, its shoddy roads and its overworked population, this little country is a terrible threat to the mighty power of Germany.

Of course, it’s not just Germany. The lies are being repeate elsewhere, too. BoingBoing, the feeding ground of the technology-obsessed nerd, recently reposted another distortion-filled article from the New York Times, the newspaper that most fervently pushed the story about WMDs in Iraq. “Greek Wealth is Everywhere but Tax Forms” it announces. Oh, really? Have these people been to Greece? Have they seen what the country looks like? Of course not. And they would never show you the truth, either, because it’s not convenient. They’d rather pretend that the tax evasions of the rich (common everywhere) and the tax evasions of the poor (because they need the money, desperately) are the same thing.

And let us completely forget the massive tax cuts for the rich, so strongly supported by all the wonderful right-wingers now attacking Greece. That couldn’t have something to do with lacking funds.

And, of course, it’s all down to a cultural problem. Because the Greeks are just corrupt by nature. Because corruption is not common in all countries with a similar financial situation.

But it disgusts me the most right here in Germany. Because people should know better. And because when I hear people tell me how they can finally be proud to be German again, and how evil the lazy Greeks are, I am reminded of how Germany works: how it worked back then and how it works now. We’ve learned nothing. The history of Germany is as tragic and stupid as that of the other country that should know better: Israel.

I’ve never wanted to leave this country as much as I do right now. I used to dislike being here, but now I hate it – I deeply, profoundly hate it. It makes me feel sick. If I had the option (and I don’t), I would leave instantly. If I wasn’t opposed to being drafted by the military, I would even go to live in Greece. Better to endure poverty than to live under fascism.


  1. Theo

    Europe needs a scapegoat for the mess its capitalism made;now they found it!It’s a 11 million country…
    Europe is proved to be immature,and there isn’t a deep connection between countries after all,and of course no way that Europe can ever be a unified country…
    Countries became banks,as capitalism needed them to.Their connections are deeply economic,and all about profit and deficit…nothing more…
    Perastika mas,Jonas

  2. jm

    You’re really overreacting. Don’t know the Germans you hang out with, but I haven’t encountered something like you described. Most don’t care, or are amused by the Greek situation, but apart from that, nothing “fascist”. Even the Media you diss so much upon… yeah, there are some really bad articles, some you could even call racist, but I don’t see a collective Greek-hunt like you do. Turn to center-left or left quality (and still mainstream) media, Süddeutsche or Der Freitag, to find some good analysis on the subject. Hell, the best article I read was in Monde Diplomatique, and that comes with the green TAZ.

  3. jm

    Even a certain relative of mine, who is the biggest anti-German person known to me, doesn’t see things the way you do. I took another look in the press today, and can’t suppport your statements. The center-right local newspaper had one commentary on the situation in Greece, and the guy showed understanding for the strikes. Nothing extraordinary. Some of it is just bad sarcasm, I mean your lengthy article on this other website was based on this bad piece from the FOCUS, which you shouldn’t have taken seriously, even though it was offensive.

  4. Frankly, I think you’re seeing what you want to see, and my article on Enemies of Reason only used the Focus article as a starting point because the article created such an uproar in Greece.

  5. jm

    I would say the same about you. Because most people, I think, just don’t care about the situation. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t say anyone talked to me the way you described the Germans. Even one right-wing colleague of mine just said: “Why are they still on strike? They got the money.” but didn’t really care.

    Anyway, as we saw today, the title of you post was fullfilled by Greeks themselves.

  6. So I guess they deserve it after all, right? Like the Focus said, Greeks hate each other and are usually busy killing each other.

    And frankly, if people don’t care, they are idiots.

  7. jm

    Why so extreme? “If people don’t care, they are idiots.” Well, most people don’t care about politics or economics, but that doesn’t make them idiots. And don’t purposely interpret my post as greek-hating.

  8. Why so extreme? “If people don’t care, they are idiots.” Well, most people don’t care about politics or economics, but that doesn’t make them idiots.

    It doesn’t? I fear it does, at least in the original (ancient) sense of the word. And when so much hangs in the balance, I don’t think it can be ignored.

    And don’t purposely interpret my post as greek-hating.

    Then don’t repeat the kind of lines Focus uses. As awful as what happened today is – and it is, it really is – that kind of comment serves only to confuse and to distort.

  9. I still have faith in humanity. I might not be able to keep it after this debacle is over.
    Soon, there will be a Third Holocaust. Muslims will be the victim this time, and Greeks, it seems, will also be along for the ride to concentration camps. This time, the suffering will dwarf that of the Holocaust during the Second World War, and that one will probably be forgotten, just like the Armenian Holocaust before it. I wonder who it’ll be carrying the genocide out this time. Perhaps it’ll be Germany again, or maybe it’ll be the US. Perhaps it’ll be Great Britain. Who knows.
    I also wonder what other things will happen along with all this. Will there be another war, this time more destructive than the last? If so, who will win? Who would be on the side of good, fighting the fascism?
    The most important and mysterious question of all, however, is why the fuck do those tea baggers call everybody else fascists?

  10. jm

    Why so extreme? Saying things like that is sad for someone who considers himself a humanist. I could as easily say: “People who think about politics are idiots.” and actually, most people I consider idiots are those with a political opinion, not vice versa.

    And about this whole complex about fascism, I think it’s actually a misjudgement from parts of the left identify modern society with it. It’s actually a mistake the german RAF made when they judged Germany in the 70s. Modern capitalism actually has totalitarian elements, but it’s profoundly different from fascism, as is the political shape of the EU. Yelling “fascism” about all kinds of policies is not any more differentiating from Joschka Fischer and Rudolf Scharping justifying the war against Yugoslavia as a fight against fascism.

  11. No, I don’t think it’s sad for a humanist to call people out on their idiocy. In fact, I think it’s a humanist’s duty to do so. It is primarily our acceptance of the status quo, our refusal to engage in politics, that has landed us here. People who are not interested in the world are unable to take part in a democracy – i.e., they are idiots.

    Just because some people misuse “fascism” as a term does not mean that it is not justified to point out how similar many aspects of our modern political system are to it. The fascism of today is not identical to the fascism of the past, but it is perfectly justified to draw parallels if one desires to.

  12. I dunno, Jonas. The methods may have changed, but selfishness and exploitation is what it is. In at least 10,000 years of history, human nature has never changed. Short of divine intervention, I don’t believe it even can change. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep trying. But sooner or later, we’re gonna have to pay the Pied Piper.

  13. jm

    My internet connection isn’t really working right now, but those are some links to mainstream or center-right media that critizise the handling of the crisis. Didn’t take more than 5 minutes to find them. But yeah, as you said at another place “every bullshit lie of the government is The Truth”;art1748,5565315,1518,691972,00.html

    And look, the Tagesschau too, prime information medium of the Germans:

  14. To disagree with the handling of the crisis is not the same as not to be racist. Several of the articles you cite still contain the widespread racism and distortions, even though they disagree on aspects of German policy. None of them actually question the official line on what is wrong with Greece and why. Your examples confirm what I’m saying.

    Furthermore, several of the newspapers and magazines on that list have gone for racist and inflammatory covers and cover stories, thereby contributing to the general anti-Greek discourse. Maybe you think that’s OK. I don’t.

    The Democrats also disagree with how Iraq was handled. That doesn’t mean they disagree with killing Iraqis.

  15. jack

    You need to learn before you talk my friend.German must give 100 billions Euros to Greece because of what you did in 1944. Greek money that you have now. So shut up. :)You stole our banks.Killed KIDS! You and your German cruel population. stfu.

  16. spartan..

    greece is being dismantled so larger, richer nations like the U.S and its cronies can buy and undervalued Greece and exploit her for only remaining weaith – her natural resources- things like massive amount of uranium and massive deposits of oil around our shores (Greek shores not turkish)…

    finally as jack mentions, Greece should have all her wealth restored by the Chermans.. afterall, during WW2 she stole all our wealth etc. we want it back with interest…

    just on a side note, if Israel were commented on in the media as Greece is would we be calling it anti semetic? if Greece were Israel would we call the the turkich atrocities on the pontic greeks a genocide?

    maybe Greece needs to invest all its money into US lobbies so we can get more favourable treatment.. i mean after all, the greeks shouldnt complain too much, we are the only nation in europe that is broke… cxountries like spain, italy, england, ireland portugal and america are costing along arent they.. mybe greece should use its military might on the balkan staes to get our economy rolling again.. maybe even seize their wealth U.S and germany (ww2 period) style…

  17. Unimpressed

    Quit whining, you schmuck. It’s pathetic how, rather than work hard to improve your own country, you’d rather accuse Germans of Nazism. What a morally and intellectually bankrupt position to take.

    Since you’re not willing to return to Greece, maybe you should avail yourself of Germany’s rather generous social benefits and get a fucking education. Maybe then you’d be capable of presenting a cogent argument.

  18. Oh, of course it’s morally and intellectually bankrupt. Better to accept the propaganda than to speak the truth, eh? It’s not like the facts about the situation are relevant to, say, the actual reasons the economic system collapsed.

    And racism? Accept that too, because Mr. Unimpressed says so. Let’s just nod and smile everytime someone uses racist arguments to distract from the political and economic dimensions of the situation. Let’s make it all about lazy Greeks, because that’s what they really are. And uneducated, too.

    And speaking out against racism in Germany? Oh no! Germany has never had problems with racism! When we’re told that the reason for the collapse of a financial system is the innate inferiority of another people, that must be true!

    (Funny how racists always take this “be-grateful-to-Germany-you-damned-Greek” angle, not realizing I am also German.)

    I’d rather work hard to improve the world and make sure people like you don’t fuck it up for everyone else.

  19. Oh, and isn’t it funny that everyone seems to go on and on about the overwhelmingly large Greek public sector (check the statistics, it isn’t), but no-one is saying anything about the ludicrously large military – weapons contracts with France and Germany being where a great deal of the “aid” monies go to. So I should be “willing” to go back and become part of that? How is that working to improve my own country?

  20. Novosibirsk

    In my opinion you should kill yourself. But you might as well just leave. You are NOT WELCOME here! So fuck off and stop complaining! You can do that somewhere else!


  21. Politics are not my subject – not trying to be offensive, I’m just not entirely into them, partly because I don’t think I can do anything to influence them beyond election year and bitching in poles or surveys for the government to stop doing shit I don’t like – but I think, given the entire world’s asstastic economy, that slamming one country for “laziness” because they have a poverty situation might as well be hypocritical at this point.

  22. Also “fick dich, du Nazi.” I actually laughed, because I know what that means. Someone I’ve known for a long time is German and some of it rubbed off on me. (He is the sweetest person when he wants to be, even if he is a massive pervert.)

  23. Wrong Mister

    You are moronic and insignificant creature. I wish you an epidemic brain cancer in your family and as well as yourself and die the worst way possible. Obviously you don’t know what in the world are you talking about. You can’t even recognise the difference between German Press, German Goverment and German citizens in general. You suffering from a serious case of mental disorders. You called my history “stupid” which indicates the fact that you had to resort on extremely disgusting insults to achieve your “goals”. Your country’s corruption and disgusting ethnocentric egomania have nothing to do with GLORIOUS German history which is more than 2000 years old. The average German citizen doesn’t give half of his/her faces for stupid childish stuttering morons like you. We don’t care, stop lying. It’s just the whole world goverments and media which exploit and humiliate you because they find you easy victims. You are worth for YOUR fate. I pitty you, I can’t find something positive upon you. You have NOTHING. I am ashamed that I had to waste my precious time in front of a worthless rubbish like you. I am pretty much ashamed really. Goodbye, I hope you change your melevolent behaviour.

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  25. raper of jonas

    look i don’t know what kind of bastard you are and i don’t give a shit about you … 1st in 1944 you destroy all greece you killed us with horrible ways ok nazi bastard?? 2nd we live with 700 euros per month wow so rich !! ok bastard stfu nazi animals

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