A Final Note About Commenting

I don’t know why people assume that a post like “my ego eclipses the sun” was written in anger. It genuinely wasn’t. I think posting unpleasant comments on other people’s sites is a waste of time, and the behaviour of a jerk. What other purpose can possibly be served other than to call attention to yourself or insult someone else? None. And you gain nothing from it other than attention.

I don’t operate this website to glorify myself. It’s here so I can share my thoughts and my work with those who are interested. I do crave feedback, like any artist, and I think fair criticism is perfectly fine (if sometimes depressing; let’s face it, no-one wants to hear negative things about their work, even when it’s necessary).

But I will react with sarcasm and swearing when people go out of their way to be unpleasant. I don’t think that’s a matter of ego. I don’t react this way to disagreement, only to unpleasantness, and to people who don’t read before they write. (I am here referring to multiple individuals, not just one person.) Constructive criticism is OK; everything else will either be deleted or used as a springboard for comedy, philosophy or anything else it inspires.

Behave on this website as you would in real life; don’t use the anonymity of the web to be a jerk. Be nice. I am a friendly person, and I will gladly engage in friendly debate. If you have nothing meaningful to say, say nothing instead.

That’s my last post on this matter, and in the future I will link to it by way of explanation.

Now I have work to do.

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